Friday, February 19, 2010

anywhere but here

All I can think about is getting away.

I am feeling nostalgic and thinking about my trip to Italy over the past summer. The picture above is of me and my great friend and travel pal Kristen in Rome.Gelato, prada, pasta and cute vespas (and men) all around me, It doesn't get much better! Life is too short, and there is far too much adventure to be had and world to see to sit around in the comfort of our own precious homes.

Because I've been itching to get away, I decided to do something about it. I applied to my school's study abroad program and will be going to Greece and Turkey this summer. After the program is over I am planning to do some extra traveling. Heres a quote from one of my favorite blogs, life in a venti cup -

If you haven't begun your adventure, 'someday' is today. People avoid travel for a variety of reasons. Fear of language barriers, money, time off, lack of knowledge. Here's a secret: It will never happen (that trek to Nepal, the spa retreat in Malibu, that safari adventure, skiing the French Alps...) if you don't book a ticket and put a plan in motion. Never let fear immobilize you in life. You're the one in the driver's seat. Get out and go. It will change your life in immeasurable ways. See you on the plane!

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