Monday, February 22, 2010

la la la

After an exhausting day of finding flights, my trip for this summer is officially booked !

While looking for flights I kept my self calm and centered by googling some eye candy of Greece and Turkey, the above image is of a Grecian Island. No matter how stressful the processes of booking a flight is you have to remind yourself, the juice is worth the squeeze(corny I know.)
For any of you world travelers out there in cyber space, I would suggest using a flight search engine like orbitz to see the different options than going directly through the airline to purchase the tickets. I have heard horror stories from those who have booked through a flight search engine and stand firm about booking through an airline to avoid any difficulties.

My itinerary for the summer includes, Greece, Turkey, and London. Any favorite eateries or shops I should visit? Let me know!

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